• Star Trek was visionary, except for…

    Star Trek was visionary, except for…

    Star Trek is a science-fiction gem. A gift that keeps on giving. Its simple, yet powerful concept about space exploration in the name of science and discovery is a brilliant idea. There are even technologies from the show that have inspired people ever since the very first series aired so many years ago. Tablets anyone?… Read more

  • Bardcore, medieval musical fun

    Bardcore, medieval musical fun

    It can be a lot of fun to simply dig into piles of information in search of gems. This was the case for me the other day when I was playing with a music streaming service. Completely by accident, I typed my way into playlists of music called, “Bardcore”. Just the name made me laugh… Read more

  • Everyone appears set on abandoning D&D 5e, even WotC

    Everyone appears set on abandoning D&D 5e, even WotC

    The OGL is on its way out or will be mutating into a form that no one recognizes anymore. The army of 3rd party publishers and content creators began separating themselves from D&D once it became clear that the rumoured OGL changes were actually real. What happens next for all of those people that were… Read more

  • ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    It is once again ZineQuest on Kickstarter, and I am not let down. It’s probable that I say something like this every year. However, there really is a fantastic collection of stuff I’m excited about. ZineQuest is great for multiple reasons. Before I begin, I hope this isn’t interpreted as me being opposed to larger… Read more

  • Infinity Deck Locations, review

    This was originally written for The British Fantasy Society. Role-playing games always have locations; stories need settings. Sometimes situations arise that mean a little extra help is needed if a game heads in a direction that maybe wasn’t planned for. To that end, Modiphius has published a deck of locations to help ease the anxiety that comes… Read more

  • Do games have elements that they absolutely need?

    Do games have elements that they absolutely need?

    There are books upon books upon books written about writing. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or pretty much anything a person can think of. Someone somewhere wrote a text about proper writing. Those same books don’t necessarily apply to tabletop roleplaying, or do they? Yes, grammar is essential. Yes, style matters. And good gravy, please make… Read more